From small acorns mighty oaks grow...

Minnis Planting

If you’ve driven south past The Minnis in the past few weeks you might well have wondered what on earth those plastic tubes sticking out of the ground were? They are, in fact, guards protecting over 400 saplings that have been planted this winter.

Last year The Council voted to support the green agenda and plant a small wood on the now redundant football pitch. The first tranche of saplings have been supplied by the Woodland Trust and consist of, in equal numbers,  oak, silver birch, field maple, rowan, goat willow and wild cherry.

However, there is still more to go! We shall shortly be taking delivery of another 600 saplings – all of which will need to be planted before the end of March! If you feel able to lend a hand for an hour or two please contact timallard@atlas.co.uk mobile 07436 284142